Rapid Prototying Session 12

The archived Session 12 board includes the announcement and all entries, minus attachments.


As the winner of the eleventh session, berilium chose the theme for the twelfth session: Tentacles

Start Date : May 11th, 2009
End Date : May 25th, 2009
Theme : Tentacles

berilium chose this sessions theme.

More of a game mechanic than we've had in a while, a good change I think.

As for my choice for the next session's theme I've been thinking about "tentacles". Use them in a very creative way. They can be used for grabbing, motion, attack, etc. Use them in any side, player or enemy or else. It is up to every one.

Some classic games: X Multiply and Xexex.


This should provoke some interesting ideas I think.  Also, consider the definition of "tentacles" with regards to botany:

tentacle - a sensitive filament or process, as one of the glandular hairs of the sundew.

Ok, you've got roughly 2 weeks!


Galeswift won with his entry Tentacle Snake, an arena shooter mixed with classic "snake" game.