Rapid Prototying Session 15

The archived Session 15 board includes the announcement and all entries, minus attachments.


As the winner of the fourteenth session, Korenn chose the theme for the fifteenth session: Supercharge Weapons

Start Date : October 5th, 2009
End Date : October 19th, 2009
Theme : Supercharge Weapons

A staple of r-type and many other shmups is the mega super duper charge weapon that can potentially kill a boss in a single shot. By continuously charging the basic shot and not using it to kill normal enemies, this extra risk is rewarded with a shot that can kill most anything in one blow. In r-type this is made easier by supplying other ways to kill enemies besides the basic shot. The theme would be to give the player any form of supercharge weapon. Obviously, the more over-the-top, the better :)

I like this... "over-the-top" :)


N won with his entry SPACE GUN EXPLOSION, a dual-analog shooter with a three-charge-level megaweapon.