Rapid Prototying Session 16

The archived Session 16 board includes the announcement and all entries, minus attachments.


As the winner of the fourteenth session, N chose the theme for the sixteenth session: Unconventional Weaponry

Start Date : November 24th, 2009
End Date : December 14th, 2009
Theme : Unconventional Weaponry

Ever since Space Invaders, players have been shooting small lasers at their enemies ad infinitum. The challenge in this contest is to provide a new method of defeating the villains.

Ramming, reflecting enemy shots, rotating orbs, swords, boomerangs, charged attacks, stealing enemy bullets, stealing enemy weapons, stealing enemies, or using the environment are just a few ideas to get your started.

Just no lasers. Beams, machineguns, and spreadfire attacks are right out.


A nice, broad theme to experiment with. And a few extra days in which to do it :) Get 'er done!


This session petered out without a conclusion.