Rapid Prototying Session 6

The archived Session 6 board includes the announcement and all entries, minus attachments.


As the winner of the fifth session, I chose the theme for the sixth session.

Start Date : November 3rd, 2008
End Date : November 1724th, 2008
Theme : You're Not The Boss of Me

Some games, especially platformers like Mega Man and Kirby, have level bosses returning for a "boss rush" just before the final boss. The idea for this session is to create a sequence of distinctive bosses leading up to a final boss.


The session ended with a tie between hima's untitled entry (which featured an interesting "betting" mechanic) and Sar's untitled entry.

Did Not Enter

I ended up not making any progress and did not submit an entry.


Apparently a lot of people had trouble with this one, even with a time extension.

2008-11-13 3:46 PM

dont say im a bum, but i havent got anything done by now. i still have to fiddel with classes and anything in actionscript2. though, i got off tomorrow, so...

i am just curious how anybody else is progressin...

No progress here, either, so don't feel too bad.

(Of course, I did have the unexpected distraction of getting laid off from the game company where I work. They gave me a very good severance package because I was one of the original employees and my departure was an amicable separation, but I still had to put together a resume and start looking for a new job. On the plus side, I do have some fairly good options to pick from.)

2008-11-13 5:34 PM

Ouch, sorry to hear about your recent lay off Ken. Though you've got the right attitude, it's an opportunity.

I'm not making a lot of progress on my game either :(

Me either, but there's still the weekend! ;D

Sorry to hear about the job loss Ken, but there is definitely a shortage of programmers in the games industry right now so I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding an alternative. Depends how attached you are to the place you live too, can be quite a limiting factor as I've found.

I find it interesting, that they'd lay off one of their original employees. But, I don't know much about how the job structure works. Oh well, good luck in finding a new place to work.

The main thing was that I was sort of between projects and wasn't responsible for any mission-critical systems. A bunch of people got laid off, though my layoff came as a major surprise for almost everyone on the team. I understand the logic, though, and have no ill will whatsoever towards the studio or the parent company. These things happen, and I'm sure something good will come of it.

"Our Heavenly Father never takes anything from His children unless He means to give them something better." —George Mueller

2008-11-14 7:26 AM

Sorry to here that kdmiller3. If it's any consolation though, starting at a new company is often the best (only) time to bag yourself a good payrise :)

True. It also lets you start fresh and get a new perspective on things.

I had been with the same team for a little over twelve years, two at the parent company and ten at the spin-off company. That's very unusual for the game industry, so I guess my departure was overdue. I'll have to adapt to a new environment wherever I end up, but it should work out okay.

2008-11-14 3:34 PM

Ouch... sorry to hear that, kdmiller3. However, for someone with your talents, it will turn out to be an opportunity!

Has anyone been working on an entry? This forum has been quiet.

I haven't had much chance to work on mine yet... :-(

Obligatory that sucks to kdmiller3, but after 12 years of experience, you probably won't have many problems.

I was under the impression everyone was working so hard they didn't have a chance to post stuff about thiers. I have made more progress on this game than I have any game before. I still don't have my sprites up (er. sketches) so I don't have pretty screenshots, nor am I as far as I would like to be.

However, last time I finished a game, for a class, it took me half a semester and didn't work half as well.

starting at a new company is often the best (only) time to bag yourself a good payrise :).

If the place you work is anything like the place I work, it's also the best opportunity to try something different...

Still, sorry to hear about it - it's got to be a lousy time of year to get laid off. :/

Has anyone been working on an entry? This forum has been quiet.

I have, but other obligations have meant that I'm making slow progress. I've added multi-part boss support to my engine, thought a bit about design elements, but not done anything much past that. No graphics, no bullet patterns... :/

Gah. I was counting on the weekend to get something done, but I've just found out I'll have to come to the office tomorrow (yes, just like that scene in Office Space). I'll have to call it quits.

Maybe next time, then.