Rapid Prototyping Sessions

Between May 2008 and September 2010, Shmup-Dev hosted a series of Rapid Prototyping Sessions.  Each was an informal two-week game development compentition, with the winner of each session selecting the theme for the next session.

My participation in these sessions drove much of the development of Videoventure.

Session Theme Entry
Session 1 No Player Shooting Galaga Has A Posse
Session 2 Laser Mayhem Laser Maze
Session 3 Chain Reaction Rocket Bomb
Session 4 Use Your Foes Assault Wing
Session 5 Air and Land Dreadnought Crisis
Session 6 You're Not The Boss Of Me
Session 7 Bullet Grazing Buzz Kill
Session 8 Multidirectional Shooting Warp 8
Session 9 Friendly Units Nova Core
Session 10 Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb InterXept
Session 11 Constant/Chronic Evolution
Session 12 Tentacles
Session 13 Time
Session 14 Cancel The Bullets Rave Gun
Session 15 Supercharge Weapons
Session 16 Unconventional Weaponry